Translation Grants

Creative New Zealand supports the translation of New Zealand Literature into foreign languages with a Translation Grant Scheme that’s administered by the Publishers Association of New Zealand. These grants can contribute up to 50% of the translation cost to a maximum of NZ$5000 per title.

You can download an application form online or you can contact a representative for more information.

As the Earth Turns Silver was the first recipient of the translation grant programme published in March 2011 by Ediciones Siruela with the title Cuando la tierra se vuelve de plata.

We welcome new applications 4 times a year.
Deadlines for application rounds are:

  • 1 March
  • 1 June
  • 1 September
  • 1 December

We aim to consider applications and have results to you within 3 weeks of the given deadline.


  • Any established foreign publisher purchasing foreign language rights who has an active backlist of no less than four titles. No more than two grants per year will be given to any one publisher.
  • Sales and translation contracts must be completed and signed at time of application.
  • The translation must be prior to printing stage at time of application.